Terms of Use of the Peacock Application

Entered into force on 02.03.2020

Peacock is a web-based cleaning-order application that transmits cleaning requests to cleaning service providers who have joined the Peacock system. The owner of the rights and service provider of the Peacock application is the Educlean OÜ company established in the Republic of Estonia (registry code 14856395).

1. The use of the Peacock application

1.1 To use the Peacock application, you should install the software and register a user account. When installing the Peacock application, the mobile phone number of the Peacock service user is linked to the user account and added to the database.

1.2 Using the Peacock application, the user can choose whether it wants to pay for the service with credit card or via Internet banking.

2. Peacock terms of payment with credit card and via internet bank

2.1 The user of the Peacock application is allowed to pay for the cleaning service with a credit card, for which the credit card data must be activated in the application in advance, and agree to the Peacock Terms of Use.

2.2 Internet bank payments can be made by a user of the Peacock application who has entered into an Internet bank agreement.

2.3 When making a credit card and internet bank payment, the recipient of the fee is Educlean OÜ, which pays the received fees to the cleaning service providers.

2.4 When making a credit card or internet bank payment, a service fee shall be added for each cleaning order. This fee contains payment intermediation fees, including Visa / MasterCard service fees.

2.5 Credit card payments are mediated in the Peacock application via EveryPay and shall be governed by the following (Terms & Conditions).

2.6 Peacock acts as an economic agent for cleaning service providers by offering credit card or online bank payments, mediating payments made in the Peacock application. The obligation of the cleaning service user to the service provider is considered fulfilled from the moment when a payment order is issued to pay money to the Educlean bank account. Peacock is not the executor of the payment order of the cleaning service customer. Regardless of the foregoing, Peacock understands that occasionally situations may occur where an application user may wish to back off, refuse to pay, or request a price reduction due to non-compliance with the service. In such cases, Peacock is liable to the user of the application for financial obligations.

3. Order and cancellation

3.1 If the user of the Peacock application orders the cleaning and the cleaner has confirmed the receipt of the service, it is considered as order of cleaning.

3.2 A situation where the cleaner has informed us that the order has been accepted and the user of the Peacock app cancels the cleaning service after receiving the corresponding notice shall be deemed to be back-off.

3.3 The situation where the user of the Peacock application or the people for whom the cleaning was ordered does not allow the cleaner to provide the service at the time specified in the Peacock application is also considered to be a back-off.

3.4 Upon cancelling the cleaning, the user of the Peacock application must pay a cancellation fee. You do not have to pay the cancellation fee if the cancellation notice falls within the time limit set in the Peacock application.

3.5 We may revoke the right to use the app in the event that the user has backed off (cancelled) the ordered cleaning on three consecutive occasions. In such a case, the application informs the user of the cancellation procedures, and after the third back-off, Peacock will revoke the right of use. The right to use Peacock may be revoked for up to six months. The user can then reactivate their user account.

4. Terms and conditions of Peacock application

4.1 Peacock is a mobile app that allows applicants to find a suitable cleaning provider using location data entered into the app.

4.2 The use of the Peacock application is based on a non-exclusive (simple) license granted by Educlean OÜ. The license agreement is valid indefinitely and is free of charge for the customer of the cleaning service. If there are any flaws in the software, we will fix them as soon as possible, but please note that technical errors may sometimes occur in the application and we cannot guarantee that the application will always, forever and flawlessly work. We shall not be responsible for any damage that may result from the Peacock application not working or not being able to be used as intended. If the customer’s right to use the cleaning service application is revoked, the corresponding non-exclusive license also becomes invalid.

4.3 As the Peacock application is a communication tool between the customer and the cleaning service provider, Peacock cannot influence or be held responsible for the quality and shortcomings of the service. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the cleaning through Peacock will always take place correctly and without defects. Although all cleaning service providers registered for the application have completed relevant training and received accreditation before activating the service provider’s account. Regardless of the foregoing, Peacock shall be liable to the user of the Application for financial obligations in accordance with Section 2.6.

4.4 The Peacock application is not a cleaning service and the Peacock application does not provide cleaning services. It is also not an agency that operates with the aim of finding customers for cleaning service providers.

4.5 The consumer’s right of withdrawal does not apply to Peacock orders.

5. By registering a Peacock account, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

5.1 Peacock has the right to add the personal data of the user of the application to the database and to transfer the personal data to the cleaning service providers in accordance with the privacy policy (http://www.peacock.ee/legal/).

5.2 Peacock has the right to unilaterally change the terms of use and privacy policy and to transfer the database to third parties. We will notify users by email of any changes to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

5.3 Peacock may transfer the database containing personal data to third parties without prior notice to the users of the application. In the event of a transfer of a company or database, the rights and terms of this license agreement shall also transfer.

5.4 Peacock may transfer personal and bank data to credit card and internet bank payment intermediaries.

6. Good practice for using the Peacock App

6.1 As Peacock is neither a cleaning service provider nor an intermediary, we cannot directly influence the quality of the cleaning service. To ensure a quality service, all cleaning service providers undergo basic training and get an overview of the safety requirements of the materials used.

6.2 Peacock wants to help ensure that the quality of the cleaning service meets the requirements. Therefore, please fill in the feedback form in the Peacock application. Thus, we can make suggestions to cleaning service providers to improve the quality of the service or to do additional training to improve the quality.

6.3 We expect the user of the Peacock application to use the application in good faith and to be polite to the cleaners.

6.4 Peacock will do its best to ensure that the Peacock application is used by honest cleaners who respect their profession and customers. However, there is no way we can guarantee that a cleaner engaged through the Peacock app will always match all of these characteristics. In case of unpleasant cleaning experience, report it immediately.

7. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

7.1 These Terms of Use and their interpretation are subject to Estonian legislation.

7.2 Disputes arising from these Terms of Use will be settled in Estonian court.