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We provide a wide range of professional cleaning services, perform daily, general and urgent cleaning, one-time and on a permanent basis. The appendix contains a complete list of services


Standard cleaning

from 35 euro

It is a basic cleaning service and will be completed for 2-3 hours. During this time, we will place the scattered things and wipe the interior elements, treat the wooden, metal, chrome and mirror surfaces with special polishes, vacuum the floor coverings and wash the floors, carry out a complex cleaning and disinfection of the bathroom and toilet, and take out the trash

General cleaning

from 60 euro

Clear-out is an improved and more thorough cleaning, which requires more time and effort. The speed of the general cleaning of the apartment depends on its size and the degree of disorder. A more detailed list of general cleaning services, deadlines and costs can be found in the appendix. We note right away that we do not move bulky items (refrigerator, sofa, wardrobe, bed, etc.) without prior agreement


alates 1 euro m2

Disinfection of an apartment or other premises is a set of measures to destroy microorganisms that pose a direct or indirect threat to human health and life (mold, fungi, dangerous viruses and bacteria).

Therefore, preventive sanitation of premises is necessary if you want to feel alert and healthy. High-quality disinfection can eliminate bacteria and parasites of any level.


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What is included in the basic cleaning?

 In the kitchen we:

   Wipe the facades of cabinets, furniture, windowsills and skirting boards

   Disinfect worktops and other accessible surfaces

   Degrease and wipe kitchen equipment, including the stove

   Clean and disinfect the sink

   Perform dry and wet cleaning of floor coverings

   Take out trash


In the bathroom and toilet, we:

   Disinfect accessible horizontal surfaces

   Clean mirrors

   Neatly fold and hang towels

   Clean and disinfect the sink, bath, shower, toilet

   Wash the tiles in the bathroom or in the shower

   Wipe accessible skirting boards, furniture, doors, window sills

   Wash floors


In the bedroom we:

   Carefully remove and then place back all items which obstruct the cleaning process

   Remove stains from glossy surfaces

   Wipe furniture, mirrors and accessible surfaces

   Make a bed and change the linen at your request

   We wipe accessible skirting boards, windowsills

   Wash and vacuum the floor coverings and floors


Also in other rooms and corridors we:

   Rub and clean mirrors

   Remove stains from surfaces

   Wipe furniture, accessible surfaces, windowsills and skirting boards

   Wash and vacuum the floor coverings and floors

   Carefully handle items and interior details.


What is included in the deep cleaning?

Cleaning mirrors and light-reflecting surfaces

   Mezzanines and partitions, pipes and radiators - we clean everything on a professional level


 In the room we:

   Wipe the dust-off appliances and furniture

   Wash and clean any chandeliers except crystal

   Clean the walls from light dirtiness

   Wipe the switches and sockets

   Carry out dry cleaning of upholstered furniture

   Vacuum the floor, wash the skirting boards and floors

   Carry out disinfection in trash cans using special detergents

   Change trash bags and take out the trash


In the kitchen we:

   Remove greasy and oil stains of any complexity from any working surface

   Remove limescale on taps and sinks

   Degrease the stove with safe agents

   Wash the fridge, oven and microwave inside and out

   Wash the ventilation grilles and the hood from outside with degreasing agents

   Disinfect work surfaces 


In the bathroom we:

     Clean and disinfect all plumbing, taking into account its features

     Remove limescale, rust spots and other complex contaminants with professional and safe means


How is the price formed?

The cost of any cleaning of the apartment depends on several factors. We take into consideration the size and footage of the apartment, obstructions inside the rooms, the degree of disorder, the amount of work and projected timeline. We also take into account your wishes and requirements. Using our application you can easily calculate the cost of necessary cleaning services and place an order


Is there a possibility of an urgent order?

Yes. We will execute an immediate order quickly and efficiently within a few hours after your application. It is also possible to carry out work at night, if necessary. Thanks to the application - we are in touch around the clock



What additional services do we provide?


1. Taking and bringing back the keys

2. Cleaning the pet tray

3. Cleaning the chandelier

4. Washing windows from the inside

5. Cleaning and washing inside kitchen cabinets

6. Degreasing and surface cleaning:

     inside the oven

     inside the microwave

     inside the refrigerator